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GP 2013 Web Client

The GP 2013 release includes the introduction of the “GP Web Client” and over 125 new features and enhancements. To provide you with some insight, the new web client architecture is based on Silverlight technology (a tool for creating and delivering internet applications on the web) where the full GP application is delivered through the web as opposed to 2-tier client application/database server architecture in previous versions.

Around the blogosphere there are many informative articles published by bloggers, which explains the GP Web Client and the technology behind it. Here are some of the Blog links that I trust and follow:

Developing for Dynamics GP:

The Dynamics GP Blogster by Mariano Gomez:

Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP (The Offical Blog of Microsoft Dynamics GP)

Dynamics Confessor Blogspot:

Kuntz Consulting Inc:

About Dynamics,Development and Life by Jivtesh:

Azurecurve by Ian Grieve:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Discussion by Samuel Mathew

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