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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: Lifecycle and Upgrade Services

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: Lifecycle and Upgrade Services

I stumbled upon this article published in March 2016 and thought this will be a useful article to my readers. Sarah Purdy, Senior Technical advisor at Microsoft Dynamics GP discusses about the life cycle and upgrade services of Microsoft Dynamics GP releases currently in the market. You can read the post  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: […]

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Adding Customer Item User Defined fields to SOP Invoice

Mariano Gomez published an excellant article which explains the entire steps to add customer item user-defined fields to SOP invoice. The article is very detailed and very useful for developers. Mariano used Support Debugger Tool to deliver the solution and this demonstrate the power of SDT. Click here to read Adding Customer Item User Defined fields to SOP […]

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Consultant’s Tool Box

I have included Siva’s Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Database SDK in my “Consultant’s Tool Box” section.   You can access the Consultant’s Tool Box form the “GP Resources” menu option in my blog.

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Automatically Generate Purchase Orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Christina Philips at Dynamics GP insights explains��step by step process to automatically generate PO in Microsoft Dynamics GP. In her article, she explain the three easy steps to provide you the suggested PO based on your inventory setups. This is a very useful artcle. Click here to read Automatically Generate Purchase Orders in Microsoft Dynamics […]

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Client Version Tracking for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Willoware just annouced adding a new tool Client Version Tracking (CVT) into their GP Power Pack (It’s FREE).  Client Version Tracking displays the version information of every dexterity module installed on each GP client.  CVT can ensure that GP clients with version conflicts are not allowed to log-in to GP.  CVT also displays the dictionary pathname […]

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Optimizing and Maintaining Performance for Microsoft Dynamics GP® 2010

Microsoft Dynamics GP support and escalation team published a new whitepaper to better understand, optimize and maintain Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. I have downloaded and read the document. I must say that this is a must have document for all consultants. This definitely a document in my GP tool box along with “Microsoft Dynamics GP […]

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Back to the Blogging World

After several months of hibernation, I am back into the mainstream blogging. We were undergoing few major Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation and two major development around the GP product line, which we will uncover to the partner community soon. Even though I was staying bit away from blogging, I was and I am an active […]