Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting – Second Edition

Recently I got an opportunity to read/review the “Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting-Second Edition” book.  This book is written by David Duncan and Chris Liley. This is the second edition of their book “Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Reporting”.

This book contains 10 chapters and each chapter discuss different topics which is very interesting and easy to follow.

  • Chapter 1: Meeting the Reporting Challenge  – This is a general topic discuss the challenges faced by a developer when working with end-user and how to deal with the challenges. Authors specifically discuss few important challenges we all face such as trends in reporting, end-user driven challenges, organizational challenges etc. “Creating accurate and reliable reports requires the ability to properly identify the end user and corporate requirements. The ability to identify the requirements for a report or reporting tool is a valuable skill to have in today’s business environment. Although, this skill doesn’t come easily! Instead, developers and consultants must constantly ask challenging questions of end users and the corporate infrastructure to select the most effective reporting tool for the circumstances.” (page 26)
  • Chapter 2: Where Is My Data and How Do I Get It? – The Chapter heading speaks for itself. In order to create a report, one should know where the data resides. This chapter is very important for anyone who is interested in building reports.  In detail, authors explain the different data stores (System Db and Company Db), the naming/numbering conventions GP follows in their database design.
  • Chapter 3: Working with the Builders – SmartList and Excel Reports – This chapter discuss the most popular and efficient reporting tools, default SmartList, SmartList Builder, default Excel reports and Excel Report Builder.
  • Chapter 4: Report Writer and Word Templates – This chapter discuss Report writer and word templates. Report writer is the standard reporting tool that comes with the GP application. Word template is added to the application in GP 2010 as an alternative to standard report writer. Authors explain key features of the standard reporting tool and the new Dynamics GP 2013 word templates.
  • Chapter 5: Utilising the SSRS Report Library – This chapter discusses the SQL Server Reporting Service capabilities around Dynamics GP. This chapter covers everything that a developer needs to know about the SQL Server reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Business Analyzer and the security settings for reporting services.
  • Chapter 6: Designing Your Analysis Cubes for the Excel Environment – Chapter 6 and 7 discuss specifically Business Intelligence – Analysis cubes. This chapter covers components of analysis cubes, implementing the analysis cubes and customizing the cubes.
  • Chapter 7: Utilising Analysis Cubes for Excel for Dynamic Reporting – This chapter discusses the how to connect Analysis cubes to the data and create reports using Microsoft Excel.
  • Chapter 8: Designing Financial Reports in Management Reporter – Chapter 8 and 9 discuss specifically Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Management Reporter is the latest tool from Microsoft that can be used to create professional looking financial reports across Microsoft Dynamics family of products. In this chapter, author discuss the architecture, installation, report security, working with the building blocks etc.
  • Chapter 9: Viewing Financial Reports in Management Reporter – This chapter is a continuation of Chapter 8. These 2 chapters give you in-depth step-by-step details of management reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.
  • Chapter 10: Bringing it all Together –  A wonderful re-cap about the different reporting tools discussed in previous chapters.

The authors took very careful attention and effort in writing this wonderful book. This book is definitely a must-have book for any Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants.

To my valuable readers:

If you are interested in buying this book please click on this link: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting-Second Edition