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Eclipse Computing Launches Royalty Management Solution for Franchisors

 Today, Eclipse Computing announces the launch of the Eclipse Royalty and Rights Management System for Franchisor Based Accounting (ERRMS-FBA).

ERRMS-FBA has specific franchisor based features that allow better management of franchise revenue and associated accounting process. Based upon the Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting solution, ERRMS-FBA provides best-in-class software, services and ongoing support for growing franchisors.

With ERRMS-FBA, royalty income from franchisees can be aggregated and processed for recording all of the typical franchise based income categories. Typical revenue calculations include: royalty income, ad revenue, deferred income and loan payments. Other user-defined categories can be set up to generate user-defined calculations, making franchise accounting a seamless process for any parent company. Once the calculations are processed, full integration within Dynamics GP allows automatic capturing of the weekly or monthly revenue streams in a totally hands free process.

ERRMS is now available for Publishers, Merchandizers who sell licensed product, Music and Entertainment as well as Franchisors

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 has arrived!!!

I have received an email to from Microsoft notifying that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 has now been available for public and can be downloaded (I have already downloaded). This release is packed with lots of features and fixes. Some of the key additions in this new release of GP 2016 includes:

  1. A new HTML 5 Web client  – Support for multi-browser (IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari), Multi-device compatible (windows, iPad, Android)
  2.  OData Service Deployment
  3. Prepayment on Purchase Order Total Amount.
  4. Automatically Batch Deposit Cash Receipt.
  5. About 35+ new functionalities included.
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